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Agri-Serve can help you with every phase from design to installation. Put Agri-Serves experience and skills to work on your farm today.

"Agri-Serve is first and foremost a Custom Applicator, therefore we won't build anything that we wouldn't use ourself.   Quality and customer satisfaction comes first."   Dan Vannette

Truck Tanks ("Tranks")-

  • Only quality components and proper refurbishing processes used.
  • Want an all new Trank? We can build it using 100% new components!
  • Built to the size and specifications that you require.
  • Don't know what you want built? Just call and set up a consultation today!
  • As A-S's flagship method of application, Tranks are our specialty.
  • Built complete with tank for well under the price of a tractor to pull a conventional spreader.
  • This is designed for the medium to larger farms requiring fast and efficient manure hauling while maintaining high driver comfort and low operating costs. Safety increases over tractors are great when on narrow or high traffic roadways.
  • Average increase in productivity is 2 loads for every 1 load a traditional tractor and tank can do. This has been true at both close and far hauls.

Example #1- 2000 Kenworth T800- Agri-Serve 6x6 conversion, 525 HP Cummins, Allison automatic, 2 speed transfer case, 23,000# drive steer axle, 46,000# drives with automatic lockers, Chalmers suspension, stepped frame for lower tank height, 7,500 gallon tank with integrated frame, single point trailer tandem (walking beam spring type), toolbar with down pressure and 5 Dietrich injectors. Hydraulics are fully adjustable and shift on the fly, manure flow adjustable from 0-100% flow from in the cab, backup camera...

This unit is 95% new or rebuilt (only engine was left untouched, dyno'd great and low mileage). Drive and trailer tires are 750 45R 22.5 Alliance flotation tires. This unit will drive down the road at 45 mph and is as comfortable as your new pickup. Interior is quiet and very well equipped. Simple to operate and a joy to drive.

Example #2- 1979 6x6 AutoCar, complete sand blast and repaint. Add air ride to cab, dual air ride seats, air ride walking beam drive suspension. Install 525 HP Cummins N14 with Allison automatic and 2 speed transfer case. Both rear axles locked for supreme traction, 750 tires installed on drives and tag axle. Air brakes rated for the weight capabilities of the trank. 6,000 gallon Husky tank driven by a hydrostatic pump and hydraulic motor capable of 3,000 gallons per minute! 10 port distributor w/ chopper to insure even flow to all 10 Dietrich high flow series 60 injectors! Runs and drives like new with a rated top LOADED speed of 45 mph! Easy disconnect of toolbar for broadcast jobs. 10% 1979...90% 2007.

23.5' injection width. 110" transport width.

Semi Manure Tankers-

Cost example, our top of the line of everything!- 100% New tank. 9,000 gallon, UniFrame, Hutch Tri-Axle suspension, HD landing gear, Parker Hydraulics, 8" boom and rear discharge for field application, 22.5 duals with Accutread HD rib tires, clean-out ports (one per section between baffles), CHT (sand bedding) swing away fan and housing, LED lights... Spring 2009 price estimate $63,583. This is the highest quality tank on the market today and we stand behind our products 100%. Tank is only 29' long!

  • Only quality components and proper refurbishing processes used.
  • 100% new, used or any combination of the two?  Let A-S build your trailer today, to your specs, to meet your budget and needs!
  • A-S can build trailers by renovating an old one or building a new tank and undercarriage.
  • Designed to either field apply and/or "nurse" a field spreader using either a boom or bottom discharge.
  • Capable of loading a 7,400 gallon tank in well under3 minutes.